Bomb Hill

Bumbu kalna skatu tornis un piemiņas vieta. Foto: Edgars Ražinskis. 2021.

Bumbu Hill is a high hill in the Bolderāja dunes, Kleistu Forest, Rīga. Memorial to the Latvian Freedom Fights. During the Bermontiad in November 1919, the command post of the Latgale Division led by Krišjānis Berkis was located here. The 6th Riga Infantry Regiment, attacking from Bumbu Hill, captured Sudrabkalniņa. A memorial plaque was erected in 1939 and destroyed in 1969. The memorial site was restored in 1989.

“A memorial plaque was unveiled on Bumba Bumbu Hill on November 1 this year. The Minister of Transport B. Einbergs, the Elder of Riga R. Liepiņš and the representatives of the Army attended the celebrations. Opening the plaque, on behalf of the Minister of War, General J. Balozs, the Minister of Transport said, among other things: Our struggles for liberation are rich in such events. And we remember them to learn and always remember that faith in our cause, perseverance, and heroism are the qualities needed to turn events for us in the worst of circumstances. In the first days of November 1919, the battle was led from this hill by the commander of the division, the then colonel, now General Berķis, the commander of our army. Although the struggle asked for heavy casualties, they achieved a great goal - the liberation of our capital city from the enemy. To commemorate these struggles, a monument has been erected here, which will speak of the faith, endurance and heroism with which the struggles achieved at that time in the struggles of that time and, consequently, important for our country and nation. Let us not forget that we are still experiencing historic moments in which we need faith, endurance and heroism in the first place, as we did in 1918 and 1919. Let us not forget that the future of our country will be sustained only by the same forces that created and exported it at the time of the unveiling of the Memorial. through the heavy struggles for freedom. " The Minister then thanked the monument to the builders and unveiled it. The Minister's speech was followed by the national anthem. "

Storyteller: Latvijas Satiksmes ministra Bernharda Einberga runa atklājot pieminas vietu Bumbu kalnā.
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The text was published in the newspaper "Municipal employee". In 1939 (October 1, 1939). The author is unknown.


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Sudrabkalniņš hill - memorial for fight against Bermondt army

Located in Riga, Pardaugava, at the intersection of Sloka and Kurzeme Avenue.

At the beginning of November 1919, during the Latvian War of Independence, street battles between the Latvian Army and Bermont troops took place in Pardaugava. A decisive attack on the Bermont army took place in the area. In 1937, according to the project of Kārlis Zāle, a monument was unveiled in Sudrabkalniņa, honoring the fallen soldiers of the 6th Riga Infantry Regiment and highlighting the military features.

Designed as a memorial wall - a symbolic fortification, the gate of which depicts a lion blocking the path of an opponent's attack. Bricked from the stone blocks of the Daugavgrīva fortress protective wall and forged from the remaining granite of the Freedom Monument. The cost of the memorial site was almost 35,000 lats. For comparison, 4 “Ford - Vairogs V8 De Luxe” cars manufactured in Latvia could be purchased for such an amount.

Today you can see one of the most impressive places of remembrance of the War of Independence.