Military Heritage Tourism Sites

Each military heritage location has the following information:

  • Description of the site
  • Historical and present-day photos
  • Linked historical periods and a timeline of events
  • Related historical topics
  • Memory stories
  • Internet links and social network contacts
  • GPS co-ordinates
  • A link to the map
  • Addresses and contact information (for many objects, such as battle and memorial sites, former military buildings, the address and telephone number do not exist and therefore cannot be listed)


The offer may include not just a look at the location, but also tours with guides, hikes and trips to locations where military events have happened. You may enjoy stories and meals at a campfire, a night spent in a national partisan bunker, or other experiences.  We recommend that you contact each venue in advance to learn about its opening hours and the services that they provide.

Memorial sites

cemeteries, monuments, graveyards, commemorative plates, sculptures, parks, commemorate places


private collections, public exhibitions, museums


coastal batteries, fortresses, pillboxes, battle trenches

Military equipment

bombers, canons, planes, ships, tanks, trains, wagons, weapons, other military equipment


walking distance trails, local ones


forest brother bunkers

Battle sites

places of fights, battle territories, areas of contention, hostile oppositions, front lines

Military towns

town that was used for military purposes, next to military bases, where solders with their families lived


lighthouses, piers, railway stations, barraks, airfields, communication facilities, bridges, old hospitals, border points, watertowers, fire control towers, observation towers