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Diena 1.

200 km

Malnava - Skrīveri

Praktinė informacija

- Braukšanas attālums:  ~200 km

- Piemiņas plāksni pie Malnavas koledžas un Skrīveru pagastā var apskatīt bez iepriekšējas pieteikšanās

- "Robežu" mājas dabā vairs neeksistē

Lankytinos vietos

Memorial plaque at Malnava College

Memorial plaque near Malnava College, where 1932-1937 Lieutenant R. Rubenis studied in Opened in 2000

Memorial stone for Kurele people in Skriveri Parish

A memorial stone for the people of Kurele near the "Robežu" houses in Skrīveru Parish, opened in 2015. "Border" houses have not been preserved, there are only remnants of them.

"Robežu" houses in Skriveri parish

In the house of "Robežu" in Skriveri Parish is the place where the formation of the group of General J. Kurelis started on July 28, 1944.

The Skrīveri arboretum
This is the oldest arboretum in Latvia. It was planned by the owner of the Skrīveri Estate, Maximmilian von Sievers (1857-1919). It has to be said that before World War I, there were two times more species of plants in the park than is the case now. The plants are grouped in accordance with the geo-botanic regions of the world. There are trails in the park, and signs showing the Latvian and Latin name of each plant are there, as well. There’s a fountain which is operated from every hour on the hour from 11:00 AM until 11:00 PM from Tuesday until Sunday. On the other side of the Rīga-Daugavpils highway is the Skrīveri Forest Park with hiking trails.

Piemineklis “Vienoti Latvijai”, Rēzeknē


Vēsturiskais vai mūsdienu centrs "Skrīveri"

Enerģētikas muzeja ekspozīcija "Pļaviņu HES" 

Skatu vieta "Skats no Pļaviņu HES dambja"


Vietos pavalgyti

The “Dzīles” bakery

The Dzīļu bakery in Malnava is a symbol of Krāslava and it is located next to the Malnava manor park. The lady of the house prepare hearty Lettigalian dishes and other country goodies. In the bakery the owner bakes different types of bread, for example, rye-bread, sweet-and sour bread, as well as makes cakes on pre-order. She also offers to groups and families to bake bread, pies, cakes or pizzas together. The tasting and Latgalian dishes in nowadays’style. A walk around the park of Malnava manor and stories about the white gate. Local bread is famous in Kārsava. The bakery offers brunch on weekends, as well as markets of local crafts and other products.
Latvian cuisine: Lettigalian bacon, pearl barley porridge with side dishes, potatoes stuffed with bacon and onions, sautéed vegetables with meat, berry bread, tea with honey.
Special foods: Local Dzīļi bread with bran, raisins, cranberry jam and linen seed.

Latgolys šmakovka

Cider and apple calvados is produced in the historical moonshine distillery (1827) of Malnava Manor, located 35 km from Rēzekne. Visitors can tour the facility, taste the products and have some snacks. The estate, park and Hitler bunker are open to tourism, and there is information for visitors about destinations in Latgale.

Skrīveri Sweets

A third-generation family company, producing “Gotiņa” sweets since 1959. Located in the centre of Skrīveri, a 2-minute walk away from the train station. Company has a Sweets Workshop where visitors can take a tour, wrap their own candies, learn about their history, taste the products, and purchase natural and fresh sweets. For “Gotiņa” sweets with rye bread and cranberries, they use heated rye breadcrumbs from the Lāči bakery. Fresh and delicious sweets can be purchased in the factory shop.There are four different tour programmes in all.

The “Skrīveru mājas saldējums” café

The family enterprise (formed in 2006) makes home-made ice-cream from fruit and berries. They make both classical – such as plombieres, cream, joghurt ice-creams and sorbets and nowadays cuisine’s „miracle”- sprat, blue cheese, horse-radish and potato ice-cream with tomato sauce. Till now 80 different ice-cream recipes have been tried. If you book a visit beforehand, you can have an excursion and learn everything about the process of making ice-cream from the chefs themselves. In the cafe it is possible to try different ice-cream dishes – each one with a different ice-cream sauce. The cafe also welcomes pets!

Special foods: Horseradish ice cream with herring.

The Skrīveri food company

Established in 1957, this is the first company to have produced the popular milk candies “Gotiņa.”  The tasty candy can be bought, and tours are available.  The owner of the company is the main candy master, and he is happy to talk about the complicated method by which the candy is produced.


Vietos apsistoti

Motelis "Aka"

Motel Aka is located 1 km from the town of Kārsava, by the A13 motorway. Large, separate hall for banquets, celebrations. Rooms - on the second floor. Guests are offered 5 rooms with shared shower and toilet. Sauna, billiard room.

Atpūtas vieta "Pasaka"

Atpūtas vieta “Pasaka” – vieta, kas atrodas Kārsavas pilsētas nomalē, kur var atpūsties jebkura paaudze. Vieta, kur var izbaudīt romantisku divvientulību, nosvinēt kādus svētkus vai vienkārši izbaudīt laiku vienatnē.

Pasakā ir pieejami: unikāli 3 divvietīgie pasaku namiņi, kur izbaudīt siltās vasaras naktis; pirts; svinību zāle līdz 15 personām; lapene; makšķerēšana; grila vieta.

Villa Lakstīgalas

Holiday house Villa Lakstīgalas with a recreation complex in Skriveri. The holiday home is suitable for rest, relaxation and lazy moments with family or friends, beds are for up to 5 people both downstairs and on the loft floor. The cottage is located in a completely enclosed private area and is equipped with everything you need for comfort and well-being.

In the territory there is a house, a heating bubble bath on the terrace of the house, 100 m from the house there is a sauna by the pond, as well as a large lighted fireplace. There is a large children’s playground in the area. In addition, there is a second large terrace with an outdoor kitchen, where you can hold anniversaries, master classes, or some larger private events, where more people get together.

For active recreation, the owners offer to rent 6 electric fat bikes, with which you can ride effortlessly on off-road or in various terrains, where you can enjoy the surroundings and nature. They also have helmets of different sizes and 2 extra child seats.

By Daugava river

The “Pie Daugavas” glamping site is on land which has been passed down from generation to generation on the banks of the Daugava River and on the boundary between Jaunjelgava and Sērene.

There are eight furnished glamping tents to rest in comfort on the banks of the river.  The tents are 5m wide and 3m high, with carpeting to soothe your feet, a comfortable mattress that will ensure comfort for your back, as well as an easy chair into which you can sink with a book in hand.  Electricity and WIFI will keep you linked to the outer world.

You can reserve a Latvian-made jacuzzi with a wood-fired internal stove and installed hydro-massage and LED lighting.

A spherical cupola tent with 65 m2 is also available.  A new aspect at the tent in the summer of 2023 was a series of concerts on the banks of the Daugava.


Located by the old Daugava bed ravine, Sērene parish, Jaunjelgava region, the house "Lazdāres".

The holiday home has three apartments, each with its own kitchen, bathroom and everything you need for a great stay in the countryside. As well as a party hall for up to 20 people.

Located 3 km from Aizkraukle and one kilometer from the newly built highway P76, which connects Riga with Jēkabpils.

Waiting for guests who want to enjoy the silence and summer in the countryside. Families with children. Reservations for a week and longer with discounts.