Soviet army military base in Pāvilosta - active recreation centre Karinis miestas

Survival School

Student groups

Study tours in nature FOR STUDENTS: If your child's class also wants to spend a quality day in nature, to:
👉 improve mutual communication, trust and cooperation;
👉 spend time together in nature without a phone (digital detox);
👉 learn useful survival skills in order to be able to take care of your health and the lives of people around you in crisis situations,
then call the SCHOOL OF SURVIVAL ☎️ 26442462 and request a student excursion.
☘️ The students of Riga and Pieriga go to Baldoni
☘️ Liepāja, Ventspils, Kuldīga students to Pāvilost, where the SURVIVAL SCHOOL training and camp center is located.

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