Service in Mõntu battery no. 458

Memories of a soldier who served in the battery

The one who served in the battery recalls: Musinov, the son of sailor Vassili Ivan, was born on April 6, 1927 in the village of Korolyov, Kostroma region. In 1945, he was sent to the training group of the Baltic Sea Fleet in Leningrad, after the completion of which in May 1945, he received the invitation of the air defense commander and was sent to the single 18th division of the coastal defense in Saaremaa, which was located in Sõrve. A total of 150 men served in Mõntu battery no. 458, who lived in barracks made of wooden shields. There was a separate canteen and a wooden lookout tower for a range finder.

The Mark 12 cannons of American origin weighed 1610 kilograms, the length of the iron was 5.685 meters, the firing rate was 15 rounds per minute and the firing distance was 16.6 kilometers.

What was happening in the Irben Strait was constantly monitored, and the learning alarm signal was often sounded. In 1950, the personnel of the battery were transferred to Riga, where they continued to serve on the 100 mm battery

Storyteller: Tõnu Veldre
Used sources and references:Žurnal Baltfort)