Olaine History and Art Museum Museum

Touch the past. Understand today

4-10 for class groups, as auxiliary material in Social Studies and History

The purpose of the program is to encourage students to be interested in the past, its events, and to look for connections with the present. Watch 5 short films together about life and everyday life in Latvia in the 20th century. in the second half. Let's get acquainted with the items sent in the "time capsule", their origin, manufacturer... while also learning how and where to look for the manufacturer. And then, through tasks and games, evaluate and compare those times with today. This program is not about the war, but it is definitely related to the consequences of the war on the everyday life and economy of the people of Latvia.

60-80 minūtes
Work hours:
P. BRĪVS, O. 12:00-18:00, T. 12:00-18:00, C. 12:00-18:00, PK. 12:00-18:00, S. 12:00-16:00, SV. BRĪVS
Bezmaksas. Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonda atbalstu un projekta “Latvijas skolas somas satura radīšana muzejos” ietvaros
With a guide

Santa Lubāne, Olaines Vēstures un mākslas muzeja, Muzejpedagoģe 29644134. Pieejamas arī citas programmas skolēnu grupām https://olainesmuzejs.lv/muzejpedagogiskas-programmas/