Apūznieki battle III National partizans, II WW2

One of the biggest battles between the national partisans and the Soviet occupation Committee for State Security forces of the soviet occupation, which took place on 1 January 1946 between the Kabile and Renda parishes near the Āpuznieki estate.

The partisans, among them Fricis Kārkliņš, commander of the group, left to get hay for the horses of the Forest Brothers. Kārkliņš left Ēvalds Pakulis as in charge of the command.

When scouts reported that a Cheka unit was approaching the dugouts, Pakulis dispatched a partisan division of 25 well-armed men in response.

The enemy’s bullets wiped out the lives of three people – Kārlis Kristolds, Emīls Šmits and Ādolfs Kūrējs – while the Cheka forces lost around 50 men.

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National Partisans battle site near the Apūznieki home

On 1 January 1946, one of the biggest battles between the national partisans and the Cheka, or Soviet occupation State Security Committee, took place between Kabila and Renda near the "Apūznieki" houses. The partisans, among whom was the commander of the group, Fricis Kārkliņš, went after hay on the horses of the forest brigades. He left Ēvalds Pakulis as commander. The scouts reported that a Cheka unit was approaching the dugouts. Pakulis sent a partisan detachment - 25 well-armed men - to meet them. The bullets of the enemy wiped out the lives of three men - Kārlis Kristolds, Emītis Šmits and Ādolfs Kūrējs - but about 50 men fell on the Cheka side. Two of the fallen men are buried in the forest where these events once took place, and a memorial to them has been created.

Today, new bunkers are being discovered in the forests, which once sheltered almost 20 000 people who did not support the Soviet occupation and were uncooperative, or who hid in the forests for other reasons, such as fear for their lives, safety, etc. 

Museum of the National Resistance Movement in Renda

The museum is located a few kilometres from the centre of Renda parish. The exhibit tells about the 50-year-long resistance movement in Latvia: resistance to the first Soviet occupation, resistance to the Nazi German occupation, and the armed and non-violent resistance to the Soviet occupation. The exhibit is located in two buildings. The first building houses evidence of the first Soviet occupation and German occupation. The exhibit showcases a restored barn building where the focus lies on the National Partisan War. Between the two buildings there is a bunker with an authentic layout and trenches used by soldiers. Located near the museum in Renda, excavations, blindages and an obstacle course serve as a training ground for youth guards and anyone interested. Visits must be booked in advance.

One of the largest battles of the national partisans, called the Āpūznieki Battle, took place in January 1946 not far from here. The battle saw the Kabile National Partisan Group overpower much larger forces of the occupying power. Featuring information stands, the battle site is now home to a rest area.