Küüditamine 1949 Valgamaa peres

On 25 March 1949, the second major wave of deportation from the Baltic Republics took place. In Estonia almost 21 000 people (7,500 families) were sent to Siberia. The story is about the family in Valga county.

25-28 During the March 1949 deportations, the Soviet authorities took nearly 21,000 people away from Estonia.

On March 25, 1949, all 5 boys of this family were at the homestead in Kuigatsi - including those who went to school in the city, because it was school vacation. Tiit was the youngest - 5 years old, Endel was already 15.

From the top of the hill from the farm, you could see how the deporters came with rags. Mother and older brother were delivering in the field and ran away into the forest.

4 boys stayed at home. The soldiers are said to have said that we have to wait - right, the "wolf mother" will come for the children soon. However, the leader of the deporters decided to show mercy to the family this time.

However, the farm and all the assets of the "enemy of the people" were written off and went to the state. The family was not allowed to return to the farm and lived with relatives.

After a few months, the mother of the family was visiting Valga and a raid took place in the town. The mother was arrested because she did not have a passport (the passport was left at the farm and it was not allowed to take anything from there). The mother was sent to a prison in the Urals, where she managed to return to Estonia after 2 years. At that time, the sons were placed in orphanages spread across Estonia, some with relatives, the older son was already at work and lived in a dormitory.

Their father, a former village head, was already deported in 1944. at the end to Magadan, to forced labor in a gold mine, where he died in 1948.

The childhood of the boys in this family was full of tragedy.

Wrote down this story: Margit Säre