Nikolai Petrov - a hero silenced by Soviet military history

Lieutenant Nikolai Petrov was the commander of the submarine Shch-307. On August 10, 1941, the Shch-307 submerged a German submarine U-144 in a torpedo attack near Hiiumaa. This was the first confirmed victory of the Baltic Sea fleet submarines in the ongoing war. At the beginning of October 1941, Nikolai Petrov was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison under the infamous 58 sections (counter-revolutionary activities, treason). He died in the Leningrad blockade in captivity the same year. In 1975, the sentence was abolished and the criminal case was terminated. Today, a copy of the command tower of the submarine Shch-307 is on display in the memorial of Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. Petrov's heroic deed has not yet received worthy recognition.

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