Unfortunate event at the Command Centre in Oriküla

Raketiväe majori Sulev Truuväärti andmetel startis 1967. aastal kogemata Oriküla divisjonist  õhutõrjerakett

According to Missile Forces Major Sulev Truuväärt, a missile was launched by the division in Oriküla by accident in 1967.

"It was entirely accidental. The men were carrying out maintenance work, checking whether the missile equipment was in working order and such. The connector cables were frozen and when a test signal was broadcast, it was jumbled up with a war signal, which started the missile engines. Since the missile was at a loading angle parallel to the ground, it ricocheted off the embankment and flew into the woods, where it landed." The flight velocity of the missile was fortunately too limited for it to detonate. The grounded warhead was enclosed with dirt and detonated. All of the officers were fired and the division disbanded shortly afterwards.

Storyteller: Sergo Selder
Used sources and references:

Oma Saar Sergo Selder Jalutuskäik Dejevos endise ohvitseri Sulev Truuväärtiga 26.07.2008

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Oriküla Command Centre and Missile Base

This command centre and missile base is situated in the village of Karida in what used to be Kärla municipality, 13 km from Kuressaare.

It was the command centre of the 210th Red Banner Zenith Missile Brigade headquartered on Aia Street in Kuressaare. In 1964 the missile division was relocated to the grounds of the former Oriküla Manor. There was an unfortunate event, with one of the missiles being launched from the base without permission, leading to its disbandment. Construction of the command centre began in 1976, overseen by local Major Sulev Truuväärt. It was to be the new 508th Radio-technical Centre. If war was to break out, all of the missile divisions on Saaremaa and Muhu and some stationed around Pärnu would have been run from there. The complex also comprised a radar station.

Today, the concrete command centre building, garages, the hill on top of which the radar station stood, the ruins of the barracks and many other buildings of unknown purpose remain. The fenced-off area is used for rally sports. As such, be careful on the site!