Blue Hills Museum programme: ‘A Journey through Time’

The Blue Hills Museum programme ‘A Journey through Time: Evacuation of 1944’ was awarded Best New Adventure 2019 at the tourism fair Tourest and Best Educational Adventure in the Ida-Viru tourism competition. 

It recalls the forced displacement of the people living in the Narva region in January and February 1944. Ivika Maidre, Director of the Museum,  describes it as educational role play offering answers (e.g. what sort of events took place) and raising questions (were there any options, etc.). "It’s not meant to be entertaining," she explains. “It’s a story in which every participant creates their own character and it soon becomes apparent that fleeing from war and searching for refuge is not just a modern-day problem."

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Sinimägede (Blue Hills) Museum in Vaivara

This museum is located in the renovated barn of Vaivara Manor in the small borough of Sinimäe.

Its exhibition showcases the World War II battle of the Narva River and the Blue Hills in 1944. It displays firearms, uniforms, soldiers' personal belongings, wartime photographs, propaganda posters from both sides and more. A big screen shows historical films and documentaries. Despite the topic of war being difficult for some, the exhibition is intended for all ages: while parents can concentrate on the history and the details, the children can interact with the items on display. Historical battlefronts (the 3rd defensive line of St Petersburg and the German East Wall defensive line known as the Tannenberg Line) can be found near the museum.