Re-enactments of battles

There are several places in Latvia and Estonia where battles of 20th century wars and other events are periodically re-enacted. Everyone who want to feel a sense of presence and to see historical events come to life are welcome to the spectacle. Participants are dressed in proper uniforms of clashing armies, use authentic copies of weapons, and present the elements of the battle. Contact the venues to learn more about the events.


Re-enactment of battles in Latvia

The Cēsis battles

The Cēsis battles occurred between the 19th and 23rd of June 1919. In Estonia it is known as Landeswehr War, and this was one of the most decisive battles in Latvia's War of Independence. The armed forces of Latvia's provisional government joined with the Estonian army, and they won decisive victories around Cēsis against German military units.
LOCATION: Area of Cēsis

The last battle of the national partisans at Īle

On March 17, 1949, 24 men who were part of a Latvian and Lithuanian national partisan group fought their last battle against 750 soldiers from the Soviet Interior Ministry military unit.
LOCATION: Restored Īle national partisan bunker in the Zebrene Parish, Dobele Administrative District

The Christmas battles

The Christmas battles at Tīreļpurvs Swamp occurred between January 5th and 11th, 1917.This was the largest and bloodiest World War I battle along the front lines of Rīga and the first time that men from all eight Latvian riflemen's battalions joined together in a battle.
LOCATION: Surroundings of the Museum of Christmas Battles, "Mangaļi," Valgunde Parish, Jelgava Administrative District

Battles toward the end of World War II

These re-enactments focus on the events which took place during the closing period of World War II in 1944. There were major battles in Kurzeme. After the re-enactment, visitors can examine equipment and weapons from both world wars.
LOCATION: Tērvete Castle Hill, Tērvete, Tērvete Administrative District


Re-enactment of battles in Estonia

Battles of the War of Independence

In honour of Estonian Independence Day on February 24, the Estonian War Museum organises a major battle re-enactment each year to demonstrate a selected battle of the War of Independence.
LOCATION: Estonian War Museum, Viimsi

International military history festival in Valga

This is the largest military history festival in the Baltic States attracting re-enactment clubs and hosting a parade that passes through the town, along with a fair and a series of concerts. The festival is held during the second half of August every year.